Use a compost bin for your garden and kitchen waste. If you have a balcony or some outside hard space, then consider buying a wormery from Wiggler Wigglers or Green Gardener. A wormery can take dairy products and cooked food; a compost heap can only take garden waste and vegetable and fruit peelings. Recent studies suggest food represents about 30% of all household waste and half of it is perfectly edible when it’s thrown away! Write to your local councillor and ask for a food waste collection to be introduced. Anaerobic digestion of  food waste produces a biogas which can be used as a vehicle fuel or to run a gas turbine and generate electricity.

We use a wormery like the one above. But worms don’t like acid foods so don’t feed them onion peelings or chilli or garlic. And they struggle to break down avocado shells and fruit stones of any kind. So we have two food waste bins in our kitchen, one for the wormery and one for stuff for the worms won’t eat which we bury somewhere – the Bois de Boulogne, the Nick in St Lunaire, our field at The Big Raise, anywhere really!