Arrival train:Paris Montparnasse 18:06–19:55 La Ferté Bernard
20:30Dinner, introductions, outline of weekend
22:00Permaculture 1 (principles of permaculture)


07:00Meditation (optional)
08:00Breakfast preparation (Team 1 + Blanche)
09:30Tour of the farm
10:30Plant variety exercise and soil demonstration
11h00Vegan Cooking 1: how to create a healthy and complete vegan menu ; foraging for wild edible plants ; preparation of lunch
13:00Lunch. Washing up—Team 2 + Blanche
14:30Permaculture 2: practical workshops e.g. how to create a lasagne composter, how to build a “Hugelkultur” raised bed, the importance of mulching, how to construct a mini-greenhouse, how to build an insect hotel, natural beekeeping etc
17:00Afternoon tea
18:00Vegan Cooking 2: vegetable protein workshop; preparation of dinner
21:30Permaculture 3—film


06:45Wake up gong
07:00Meditation (optional)
08:00Breakfast preparation (Team 3 + Blanche)
09:30Permaculture 4—theoretical session (zones, specifics of site, external influences, resources)
10:30Permaculture 5 (observation of nature exercise)
11:00Vegan Cooking 3: How to deal with B12 in a vegan diet; foraging; lunch preparation
13:00Lunch. Washing up—Team 4 + Blanche
14:30Permaculture 6 (design of an aspect of the farm in groups)
16:00Afternoon tea, presentations by groups, debrief of weekend, tips for practicing urban permaculture
17:30Departure for the station (train: La Ferté-Bernard 18:03–19:55 Paris Montparnasse)

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