Back in 2010, Alexis wrote a book called Communities, Councils & a Low-Carbon Future: What We Can Do If Governments Won’t based on his four years as an elected councillor in the London Borough of Camden. It was a contribution to the Transition movement’s series of books, the first of which was Rob Hopkin’s The Transition Handbook.

The idea that councils can play a significant role in helping us to prepare for a low-carbon future may seem unlikely, but the fact is that they could be a big part of the solution. Local authorities have a duty of care to think about the future, and they can address the moral aspects as well as the operational and business aspects of their communities. They can help us to reduce the environmental impact of our lives in every way possible.

Communities, Councils & Carbon includes examples of best eco-practice from local authorities across the UK and Europe, and also looks at the challenges in achieving change within government organisations. It is designed to inform and inspire councils and councillors, as well as local environmental activists, community groups and Transition Initiatives. Local government can be a huge driver for positive change, but not by itself. This book will help communities understand what they can reasonably (and unreasonably!) ask from local councils, who to ask, how to ask it, and what levers they can pull.

You can purchase Communities, Council & Carbon via Green Books here.

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