Many people find vegan cooking scary because they’re not sure how to  include everything you need for a healthy diet, or because they don’t know what to substitute for staples like eggs, butter and cheese.

So, our aim is to teach you:

  1. How to produce a plate containing the holy trinity of protein, carbohydrates and legumes, which is all you need to be healthy;
  2. What to substitute for common cooking ingredients like eggs, butter and cheese.
We’ll show you how to make some simple classics like shepherd’s pie, spaghetti bolognaise or pasta al pesto, which we think you’ll struggle to differentiate from the meat/cheese versions. But we’ll also show you how to combine ingredients to produce tasty and healthy dishes that have no relationship to the world of meat and dairy!

We’ll also look at the thorny question of B12, which is the one thing vegans can’t obtain in sufficient quantity from a plant-based diet.

See here for the programme for our Introduction to Permaculture and Vegan Cookery weekend.

Why learn to cook vegan with Alexis?

Alexis has been cooking for others since he left school. He’s completed numerous cookery courses, including at Leith’s School of Food & Wine in London and at La Bastide des Saveurs in the Bandol region of the south of France. More recently, he has taken vegan cooking courses in Paris at La Parenthèse Végétale (now Végétalise-Toi) and at Sol Semilla. Alexis loves to cook and Blanche loves to eat what he cooks!

Read more on Alexis’s own page.

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