We offer two types of weekend: permaculture and meditation or permaculture and vegan cooking.

Team working on the second pond

We promise you strong sensations, well-being, good food, proximity to nature, moments of creativity, new friends and fruitful exchanges.

At The Big Raise we want to learn, work and have fun together.

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Vanessa and Florence

Our first weekend of permaculture and meditation was in November 2018. Here are some of the things the participants said:

Frederic's testimonial portrait“This weekend showed me how vast is the subject of permaculture and how it has practical value for improving the life of Earth but also humans. I left conquered and full of cravings for cooking, gardening and exchanges. Thank you, Blanche and Alexis!”
Frédéric Aublé

“The high point is the general tone related to the personality of our guests: we bathed in intelligence, benevolence, generosity, openness, humour, love, curiosity and determination.” Florence Marchal

Laurence's testimonial portrait

“This weekend invites us to ask ourselves about our way of life and thus to find other ways for a more harmonious life, for a better knowledge of oneself … but also of others. I deeply thank Alexis and Blanche for their warm and generous welcome, which was a key element in the success of this beautiful moment.” Laurence Rodriguez

 “This weekend was very refreshing and informative, all in good humour and communicative joy. Vanessa's testimonial portraitI loved what we did in the garden and the creative workshop of the second day. And among the highs I definitely put the excellent vegan meals!” Vanessa Filhol 

Grant's testimonial portrait“Blanche and Alexis, thank you sincerely for the generosity of your welcome! Your project is inspiring on many levels and I feel privileged to have participated in this weekend. The involvement of everyone, and the feeling of sharing that we have experienced, affects me a lot.” Grant Butcher

Annick portrait testimonial“I found the weekend extremely inspiring, amazing, engaging, stimulating and motivating!”
Annick Rivoire

Floran Testimonial Photo“I found the experience very rich, the meetings, the exchanges. We were very well received by Blanche and Alexis. Also, I feel much calmer since this weekend.” Floran Clopin